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Week of August 25 - Florida State and Stanford at Nebraska and Iowa State, Ohio, Arizona State, San Diego State at Hawaii

Week of September 1 - Florida at Florida State, Texas at Florida, Washington at BYU, Wisconsin at Colorado State
Penn State and Illinois at Stanford and UCLA; New Mexico, Oregon, St. John's at Hawaii

Week of September 8 - Colorado State at BYU; Florida vs. San Diego and USC; Utah State, San Francisco, UCLA at Hawaii

Week of September 15 - Wisconsin vs. USC and Washington, Texas at Nebraska, Toyota Auto Body and Northern Arizona at Hawaii

Week of September 22 - UCLA at USC, Penn State at Wisconsin and Minnesota, North Carolina at Florida State, Hawaii at UC Davis and UC Riverside

Week of September 29 - USC and UCLA at Washington, Penn State at Nebraska, Oregon at Stanford, Fullerton and Irvine at Hawaii

Week of October 6 - Illinois at Penn State, Stanford at Arizona and Arizona State, Hawaii at Northridge and Long Beach State, Washington at Oregon

Week of October 13 - Oregon at UCLA, Wisconsin vs. Minnesota (2), Penn State at Purdue, North Carolina at Duke

Week of October 20 - UCLA and USC at Stanford, Purdue at Illinois, Nebraska at Wisconsin, Cal Poly and UCSB at Hawaii

Week of October 27 - Wisconsin at Purdue, Washington at USC and UCLA, Long Beach State at Northridge, Hawaii at Irvine and Fullerton, Stanford at Oregon

Week of November 3 - Purdue at Nebraska, Oregon at Washington, Long Beach State and Northridge at Hawaii, State Tournament

Week of November 10 - Florida State at Duke and North Carolina, Stanford at USC and UCLA

Week of November 17 - Illinois and Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, Utah and Colorado at Stanford, Hawaii at UCSB and Cal Poly

Week of November 24 - Nebraska at Illinois and Penn State, Stanford at Washington, UC Riverside and UC Davis at Hawaii, Florida at Texas

Week of December 1 - NCAA Tournament: First and Second Rounds

Week of December 8 - NCAA Regionals: Ames, Louisville, Seattle, Minneapolis

Week of December 15 - NCAA Championships: BYU, Texas, Stanford, Penn State

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